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Welcome to Quail Run North Ladies Night Out!

It is our hope to establish better communication with our neighbors within our immediate community. Although especially nice for new residents, we aim to be an important resource for all Quail Run North Families.

In the space you see to the left I have put some special navigational features that hotlink to some information sources that feature Middle Georgia and, more specifically, Warner Robins Stories, News and Events.

The Georgia and My Town magazines duplicate the ones we get in the mailbox.

The Schools links encompass the public schools in our district, etc. Give them a try…they should work.

Other features include:

  • The NEWS page is a series of bulletins or announcements circulated by our Chairperson, Linda Jimmerson. Some information is intentionally removed if privacy may be compromised. (The safety of our neighbors is paramount) Should you need more info to respond on the subject, contact Linda and I’m sure she will point you in the right direction.
  • The SEARCH POSTS feature enables you to type in a keyword(s), regarding a post, and it will bring up all posts pertaining to that keyword(s).
  • The PICTURE GALLERY is a random thing and will change (prayerfully) with the seasons. We may even have some fun with it, like a contest to search for an item and win a prize.
  • The LINKS page lists links directly involving folks from our Quail Run North Community. The list is alphabetical to ease navigation. If you have a site to add to our list please contact Joanne
    ( )
  • The COMMUNITY drop down menu is an effort to have important or helpful information at your fingertips.

If you have a problem with the site or note some misinformation please contact Joanne ( )